Date Sheet For 10th Class 2024 Exams Of Lahore Board

The date sheet for the 10th class 2024 exams of the Lahore Board is expected to be announced in February 2024. The exact date of the declaration of the date sheet has not yet been announced by the board. If the date sheet is announced in February then the exams will start in 1st March 2024. Because the date sheet is usually announced one month before the exams. The date sheet of the previous year (2023) was announced in March and the exams started on 3rd April 2023. It proves that exams start one month later after the announcement of the date sheet.

The date sheet tells about when the exams will start and tells that at which date which subject the exam will be held. Stay connected with to get your date sheet for the 10th class 2024 exams of the Lahore board. You can also get a date sheet from the Lahore board’s website.

New Policies About Passing Criteria

The passing criteria for the 2024 10th class annual exam is to have 40% marks in each subject. The Lahore board has changed the passing criteria from 33% marks to 40% marks in all subjects. The passing marks increased due to the addition of a subject called “Tarjuma-tul-Quran” which is of 50 marks. According to this new policy the students have to get 40% marks in all the subjects. Also, the papers in the year 2024 exams will be 25% conceptual. There is a possibility that the Lahore board will change the Passing criteria into a Grading system. Once it is officially announced you will be able to see the new grading system on our website.

About Tarjuma-tul-Quran

Tarjuma-tul-Quran contains 50 marks in total. In its exams, these questions will be asked. First will be that you have to attempt multiple-choice questions. The next questions will be short answer questions. You have to memorize the meaning of some words from the Holy Quran. These words will be in your textbook. In the long questions, you will have to write a detailed note on any topic and write the tarjuma of verses. The verses and detailed note questions will be given in your book. You have to memorize them from your Punjab textbook. The detailed questions wil be of 8 marks and tarjuma will be of 5 marks.

Admission Schedule For 10th Class Exam

The admission schedule means the last dates to get admission to take part in the 10th class annual exams. The admission in 10th class exams could done by your schools as regular candidates, and also online as private candidates. The students who get admission from private schools will also considered private candidates. The admission fee varies for regular and private candidates. This fee is higher for private candidates than for regular candidates. The admission started on 15 November 2023. The final date for admission is 3 January 2024.

The last day for admission with a single fee 15-11-2023 to 12-12-2023
The last day for admission with the double fee 13-12-2023 to 25-12-2023
The last day for admission with triple fee 26-12-2023 to 03-01-2024

Timing Schedule for 10th Class Annual Exams

Morning Time from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Evening Time from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Note: On Friday the evening time exam will start at 2:30 PM

Tentative Date Sheet for 10th Class 2024 Exams of Lahore Board

Date Subjects (1st time)Subjects (2nd time)
01/03/2024English English
04/03/2024IslamiatIslamic Study
13/03/2024Pak StudyPakistan Studies

Practical Exams For 10th Class 2024

The practical exams help to ensure that the students can use their knowledge in practicals. The practical exams start 1 month after the annual exams. The practical exams of Matric 9th and 10th class conduct together. The Lahore board will announce the date of the practical exams soon. So stay connected with our website to know about the latest information.

Practical Exams Timing

  • 1st Batch: starts from 8:30 AM
  • 2nd Batch: starts from 11:30 AM
  • 3rd Batch: starts from 2:30 PM

Practical Exams Subjects and Marks Distribution

The practical exam is for 90 marks. The subjects include:

Subjects Marks

Tips to attend Practical Exams

  • Go to your examination center half an hour before time.
  • Take your pen marker and other useful stationery with you.
  • Take the practical notebook with you which you have made.
  • Do the paper carefully and neatly.
  • Do the exam with full concentration.
  • Do not waste the sheet as you will have only one sheet to solve the paper.


When will the 10th class exam take place?

The 10th exam will start on 1st March 2024.

When will the Lahore board announce the date sheet?

The BISE Lahore board will announce the date sheet in February.

What new policies Lahore board has proposed?

The passing marks will be 40% and the total marks will be 555.

How much percent exam papers will be conceptual?

The 25% exam will be conceptual in 2024.

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